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Donny, EricPerson Why?
Are Some Regular Smokers Resistant to Nicotine Dependence?Grant Why?
Nicotine dependence symptoms among recent onset adolescent smokers.Academic Article Why?
Drenan, RyanPerson Why?
Alpha6* nAChRs in Dopamine Transmission and Nicotine DependenceGrant Why?
Alpha6* nAChRs in Dopamine Transmission and Nicotine DependenceGrant Why?
Tobacco Use DisorderConcept Why?
Concordance of different measures of nicotine dependence: two pilot studies.Academic Article Why?
Predictive validity of four nicotine dependence measures in a college sample.Academic Article Why?
The association between smoking bans and nicotine dependence: a longitudinal analysis of current smokers in Canada.Academic Article Why?
The Fagerström test for nicotine dependence: a comparison of standard scoring and latent class analysis approaches.Academic Article Why?
The relationship between cigarette use, nicotine dependence, and craving in laboratory volunteers.Academic Article Why?
Translating basic science to improve pharmacotherapy for nicotine dependence.Academic Article Why?
Alcohol use as a signal for sensitivity to nicotine dependence among recent onset smokers.Academic Article Why?
Current tobacco use, nicotine dependence, and transitions across stages of alcohol involvement: A latent transition analysis approach.Academic Article Why?
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