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Leveraging Digital Health Technologies and Outpatient Sampling in Clinical Drug Development: A Phase I Exploratory Study.Academic Article Why?
Improved methodology for identifying the teratogenic potential in early drug development of hERG channel blocking drugs.Academic Article Why?
Drug development against metastasis-related genes and their pathways: a rationale for cancer therapy.Academic Article Why?
Optimal Dosing for Targeted Therapies in Oncology: Drug Development Cases Leading by Example.Academic Article Why?
Editorial: Preclinical Animal Models and Measures of Pain: Improving Predictive Validity for Analgesic Drug Development.Academic Article Why?
Lung-On-A-Chip Technologies for Disease Modeling and Drug Development.Academic Article Why?
Spinal cord injury pharmacotherapy: Current research & development and competitive commercial landscape as of 2015.Academic Article Why?
Future prospects and challenges for Alzheimer's disease drug development in the era of the NIA-AA Research Framework.Academic Article Why?
Multiscale Modeling in the Clinic: Drug Design and Development.Academic Article Why?
Applications of Bioengineered 3D Tissue and Tumor Organoids in Drug Development and Precision Medicine: Current and Future.Academic Article Why?
Development of a modified lymphocyte transformation test for diagnosing drug-induced liver injury associated with an adaptive immune response.Academic Article Why?
Development of a Colorectal Cancer 3D Micro-tumor Construct Platform From Cell Lines and Patient Tumor Biospecimens for Standard-of-Care and Experimental Drug Screening.Academic Article Why?
Development and implementation of an emergency department observation unit protocol for deliberate drug ingestion in adults - preliminary results.Academic Article Why?
Drug Involvement in Context: Quantitative PerspectivesGrant Why?
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