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Brain imaging in nonhuman primates: insights into drug addiction.Academic Article Why?
Drug addiction: a chronically relapsing brain disease.Academic Article Why?
GABA(B) receptor agonists for the treatment of drug addiction: a review of recent findings.Academic Article Why?
Conference--Scientific Approaches to Drug AddictionGrant Why?
A Neurobiological Mechanism for Vulnerability to Drug AddictionGrant Why?
Substance-Related DisordersConcept Why?
Hospitalizations for Endocarditis and Associated Health Care Costs Among Persons with Diagnosed Drug Dependence - North Carolina, 2010-2015.Academic Article Why?
Drenan, RyanPerson Why?
Nader, MichaelPerson Why?
A Descriptive Study on Opioid Misuse Prevalence and Office-Based Buprenorphine Access in Ohio Prior to the Removal of the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 Waiver.Academic Article Why?
Risk factors for drug dependence among out-patients on opioid therapy in a large US health-care system.Academic Article Why?
A family intervention to reduce sexual risk behavior, substance use, and delinquency among newly homeless youth.Academic Article Why?
A single injection of either flupenthixol decanoate or haloperidol decanoate produces long-term changes in cocaine self-administration in rats.Academic Article Why?
Adding value to the STRATIFY falls risk assessment in acute hospitals.Academic Article Why?
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