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A force-plate actometer for quantitating rodent behaviors: illustrative data on locomotion, rotation, spatial patterning, stereotypies, and tremor.Academic Article Why?
A role for the melanocortin 4 receptor in sexual function.Academic Article Why?
A software solution for the control of visual behavioral experimentation.Academic Article Why?
Adolescent impulsivity predicts adult dominance attainment in male vervet monkeys.Academic Article Why?
Aggressive and mating behaviors in two types of sex reversed mice: XY females and XX males.Academic Article Why?
Altered expression of glial and synaptic markers in the anterior hippocampus of behaviorally depressed female monkeys.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of behavior during labor in rats and effect of intrathecal morphine.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of Behavioral Disruption in Rats with Abdominal Inflammation Using Visual Cue Titration and the Five-choice Serial-reaction Time Task.Academic Article Why?
Baclofen attenuates the reinforcing effects of cocaine in rats.Academic Article Why?
Behavior and physiology of social stress and depression in female cynomolgus monkeys.Academic Article Why?
Behavior, hormones, and cardiovascular disease: interpretations and implications.Academic Article Why?
Behavioral and neurobiological characteristics influencing social hierarchy formation in female cynomolgus monkeys.Academic Article Why?
Behavioral and neurobiological characteristics of social stress versus depression in nonhuman primates.Academic Article Why?
Behavioral characterization of adult male and female rhesus monkeys exposed to cocaine throughout gestation.Academic Article Why?
Behavioral depression and positron emission tomography-determined serotonin 1A receptor binding potential in cynomolgus monkeys.Academic Article Why?
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