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overview My research interests lie primarily in analytical biochemistry that integrates instrumental analysis technique into biomedical studies. My early career started in pharmaceutical analysis where chromatography was mainly utilized in combination with spectrophotometric detection to assess pharmaceutical drugs and naturally derived compounds in a variety of sample types. Biological research experience during my Ph.D. led me to the field of biological mass spectrometry at the time when large-scale proteome identification techniques were introduced by leading groups. Since then, my research activity has focused on biomarker discovery utilizing mass spectrometry-based omics platforms. In my current position as Assistant Director for the Proteomics and Metabolomics Shared Resource, I provide support with advanced mass spectrometry analysis to help researchers decipher biological events, advance biomedical science, and improve clinical care. My research interest currently dives into more challenging proteomics analyses in both bottom-up and top/mid-down strategies, particularly single-cell proteomics, and antibody drug characterization.
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