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Grant Evaluating New Nicotine Standards for Cigarettes
Academic Article Cigarette Nicotine Content as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Negative Affect and Smoking.
Academic Article Reducing nicotine exposure results in weight gain in smokers randomised to very low nicotine content cigarettes.
Academic Article Biochemical estimation of noncompliance with smoking of very low nicotine content cigarettes.
Academic Article Very low nicotine content cigarettes and potential consequences on cardiovascular disease.
Academic Article Characterizing the relationship between increases in the cost of nicotine and decreases in nicotine content in adult male rats: implications for tobacco regulation.
Academic Article Attrition during a randomized controlled trial of reduced nicotine content cigarettes as a proxy for understanding acceptability of nicotine product standards.
Academic Article Reducing the nicotine content of combusted tobacco products sold in New Zealand.
Academic Article The Impact of Smoking Very Low Nicotine Content Cigarettes on Alcohol Use.
Academic Article Impact of smoking reduced nicotine content cigarettes on sensitivity to cigarette price: further results from a multi-site clinical trial.
Academic Article The predicted impact of reducing the nicotine content in cigarettes on alcohol use.
Academic Article Greater reductions in nicotine exposure while smoking very low nicotine content cigarettes predict smoking cessation.
Academic Article Low Nicotine Content Descriptors Reduce Perceived Health Risks and Positive Cigarette Ratings in Participants Using Very Low Nicotine Content Cigarettes.
Academic Article Compensatory smoking from gradual and immediate reduction in cigarette nicotine content.
Academic Article Estimations and predictors of non-compliance in switchers to reduced nicotine content cigarettes.
Academic Article Effects of 6-Week Use of Reduced-Nicotine Content Cigarettes in Smokers With and Without Elevated Depressive Symptoms.
Academic Article Age Moderates Smokers' Subjective Response to Very-Low Nicotine Content Cigarettes: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Nicotine and Anatabine Exposure from Very Low Nicotine Content Cigarettes.
Academic Article Effects of reduced nicotine content cigarettes on individual withdrawal symptoms over time and during abstinence.
Academic Article Reduced nicotine content cigarettes, e-cigarettes and the cigarette end game.
Academic Article Perceived nicotine content of reduced nicotine content cigarettes is a correlate of perceived health risks.
Academic Article Effect of Immediate vs Gradual Reduction in Nicotine Content of Cigarettes on Biomarkers of Smoke Exposure: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
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