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Concept North Carolina
Academic Article Commute times, food retail gaps, and body mass index in North Carolina counties.
Academic Article Physical activity in after-school programs: comparison with physical activity policies.
Academic Article Comparison of objectively measured physical activity levels of rural, suburban, and urban youth.
Academic Article Rural and urban breastfeeding initiation trends in low-income women in North Carolina from 2003 to 2007.
Academic Article A qualitative examination of perceived barriers and facilitators of physical activity for urban and rural youth.
Academic Article Effectiveness of Community-Based Minigrants to Increase Physical Activity and Decrease Sedentary Time in Youth.
Academic Article Predisposing factors related to adolescent sexuality among students in rural and urban school-based health centers in eastern North Carolina.
Academic Article Associations between natural amenities, physical activity, and body mass index in 100 North Carolina counties.
Academic Article Qualitative perspectives on the use of traditional and nontraditional food venues among middle- and low-income women in Eastern North Carolina.
Academic Article Association between travel times and food procurement practices among female supplemental nutrition assistance program participants in eastern North Carolina.
Academic Article An assessment of the walkability of two school neighborhoods in Greenville, North Carolina.
Academic Article School-based nutrition education intervention: effect on achieving a healthy weight among overweight ninth-grade students.
Academic Article Associations between food insecurity, supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) benefits, and body mass index among adult females.
Academic Article The power of partnerships: working together to promote physical activity and prevent obesity in North Carolina.
Academic Article The association between the food environment and weight status among eastern North Carolina youth.
Academic Article Rationale and development of the Move More North Carolina: Recommended Standards for After-School Physical Activity.
Academic Article Characteristics of successful community partnerships to promote physical activity among young people, North Carolina, 2010-2012.
Academic Article Associations between neighborhood amenity density and health indicators among rural and urban youth.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of Community-Based Minigrants to Increase Physical Activity in Youth.
Academic Article A Citizen Science Approach to Determine Physical Activity Patterns and Demographics of Greenway Users in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Academic Article Availability of Specialty Services for Cardiovascular Prevention Practice in the Southeastern United States.
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