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Academic Article The incidence of green tobacco sickness among Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article Sociospatial knowledge networks: appraising community as place.
Academic Article Quality of diets consumed by older rural adults.
Academic Article A clinic-based, case-control comparison of green tobacco sickness among minority farmworkers: clues for prevention.
Academic Article Farmer health beliefs about an occupational illness that affects farmworkers: the case of green tobacco sickness.
Academic Article Detecting patterns of occupational illness clustering with alternating logistic regressions applied to longitudinal data.
Academic Article Pesticide safety behaviors in Latino farmworker family households.
Academic Article Latino farmworker perceptions of the risk factors for occupational skin disease.
Academic Article Predictors of falls in a multiethnic population of older rural adults with diabetes.
Academic Article African American beliefs about diabetes.
Academic Article Pesticides in the homes of farmworkers: Latino mothers' perceptions of risk to their children's health.
Academic Article Blistering eruption in a Latino migrant farmworker.
Academic Article HIV and sexually transmitted disease risk among male Hispanic/Latino migrant farmworkers in the Southeast: Findings from a pilot CBPR study.
Academic Article Mental health in immigrants from nontraditional receiving sites.
Academic Article Linking glycemic control and executive function in rural older adults with diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Dry mouth and dietary quality in older adults in north Carolina.
Academic Article Eye health and safety among Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article Maternal depressive symptomatology: 16-month follow-up of infant and maternal health-related quality of life.
Academic Article Depressive symptoms and sleepiness among Latino farmworkers in eastern North Carolina.
Academic Article Work safety climate, musculoskeletal discomfort, working while injured, and depression among migrant farmworkers in North Carolina.
Academic Article Work safety climate and safety practices among immigrant Latino residential construction workers.
Academic Article 3-D jobs and health disparities: The health implications of Latino chicken catchers' working conditions.
Academic Article Upper body musculoskeletal symptoms of Latino poultry processing workers and a comparison group of Latino manual workers.
Academic Article Predictors of incidence and prevalence of green tobacco sickness among Latino farmworkers in North Carolina, USA.
Academic Article Pesticide safety among farmworkers: perceived risk and perceived control as factors reflecting environmental justice.
Academic Article Hispanic farmworker interpretations of green tobacco sickness.
Academic Article High levels of transdermal nicotine exposure produce green tobacco sickness in Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article An exploratory analysis of occupational skin disease among Latino migrant and seasonal farmworkers in North Carolina.
Academic Article Tobacco use among Mexican farmworkers working in tobacco: implications for agromedicine.
Academic Article Reporting pesticide assessment results to farmworker families: development, implementation, and evaluation of a risk communication strategy.
Academic Article Ethnic disparities: control of glycemia, blood pressure, and LDL cholesterol among US adults with type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Developing methods for assessing neurotoxic effects in Hispanic non-English speaking children.
Academic Article Organophosphorus pesticide urinary metabolite levels of children in farmworker households in eastern North Carolina.
Academic Article Treating skin disease: self-management behaviors of Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article Diagnosed skin diseases among migrant farmworkers in North Carolina: prevalence and risk factors.
Academic Article Self report of skin problems among farmworkers in North Carolina.
Academic Article Green tobacco sickness and skin integrity among migrant Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article Skin-related quality of life among migrant farmworkers.
Academic Article The association of dermatologist-diagnosed and self-reported skin diseases with skin-related quality of life in Latino migrant farmworkers.
Academic Article Tattooing practices in the migrant Latino farmworker population: risk for blood-borne disease.
Academic Article Gender and health lifestyle: an in-depth exploration of self-care activities in later life.
Academic Article The association of mental conditions with blood glucose levels in older adults with diabetes.
Academic Article Migrant farmworkers and green tobacco sickness: new issues for an understudied disease.
Concept Risk-Taking
Concept Risk Reduction Behavior
Concept Risk Assessment
Concept Risk
Concept Risk Factors
Academic Article Overview of immigrant worker occupational health and safety for the agriculture, forestry, and fishing (AgFF) sector in the southeastern United States.
Academic Article Cognitive function is a risk for health literacy in older adults with diabetes.
Academic Article Heat index in migrant farmworker housing: implications for rest and recovery from work-related heat stress.
Academic Article Association between housing quality and individual health characteristics on sleep quality among Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article Self-reported skin symptoms and skin-related quality of life among Latino immigrant poultry processing and other manual workers.
Academic Article Comorbidity of tinea pedis and onychomycosis and evaluation of risk factors in Latino immigrant poultry processing and other manual laborers.
Academic Article Mapping the risk perception and communication gap between different professions of healthcare providers in cancer care: a cross-sectional protocol.
Academic Article Profiles of Food Security for US Farmworker Households and Factors Related to Dynamic of Change.
Academic Article Heat Illness Among North Carolina Latino Farmworkers.
Academic Article Alcohol Consumption and Risk for Dependence Among Male Latino Migrant Farmworkers Compared to Latino Nonfarmworkers in North Carolina.
Academic Article Perception of risk and communication among conventional and complementary health care providers involving cancer patients' use of complementary therapies: a literature review.
Grant Farmworker Housing Quality and Health: A Transdisciplinary Conference
Grant Maximizing the Impact of ePHIM in Low-Income, Multiethnic Populations
Grant The Effect of Pesticide Exposure on Cognitive and Brain Development in Latino Children: PACE5
Grant Hired Latino Youth Farmworkers: Work Organization, Safety, Hazards, and Health
Grant Sobadors in the Health Care Utilization of Mexican Americans and Immigrants
Grant Casa A Campo: Pesticide Safety for Farmworkers' Families
Grant Community-Based Participatory Approach to Farmworker Housing, Exposures &Health
Grant African American Men Prostate &Colorectal Cancer Belief
Academic Article Determinants of Adiposity Rebound Timing in Children.
Academic Article Personal samplers of bioavailable pesticides integrated with a hair follicle assay of DNA damage to assess environmental exposures and their associated risks in children.
Academic Article Attitudes and knowledge about direct and indirect risks among conventional and complementary health care providers in cancer care.
Grant Pesticide Exposure and Age-Related Changes in Cognitive Function
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