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Academic Article Multisensory versus unisensory integration: contrasting modes in the superior colliculus.
Academic Article Superadditivity in multisensory integration: putting the computation in context.
Academic Article A Bayesian model unifies multisensory spatial localization with the physiological properties of the superior colliculus.
Academic Article Tracking the temporal evolution of a perceptual judgment using a compelled-response task.
Academic Article Evaluating the operations underlying multisensory integration in the cat superior colliculus.
Academic Article Multisensory integration shortens physiological response latencies.
Academic Article Stimulus selectivity in dorsal and ventral prefrontal cortex after training in working memory tasks.
Academic Article The countermanding task revisited: fast stimulus detection is a key determinant of psychophysical performance.
Concept Reaction Time
Grant Midbrain Mechanisms of Sensory-Guided Oculomotor Choice
Grant CRCNS investigating perceptual processing speed and its impact on choice behavior
Grant CRCNS:Investigating perceptual processing speed and its impact on choice behavior
Academic Article Motor selection dynamics in FEF explain the reaction time variance of saccades to single targets.
Academic Article Saccadic inhibition interrupts ongoing oculomotor activity to enable the rapid deployment of alternate movement plans.
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