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Academic Article Using an integrated approach to understand vaccination behavior among young men who have sex with men: stages of change, the health belief model, and self-efficacy.
Academic Article Windows to work: exploring employment-seeking behaviors of persons with HIV/AIDS through Photovoice.
Academic Article Condom acquisition and preferences within a sample of sexually active gay and bisexual men in the southern United States.
Academic Article Viewing professional wrestling on television and engaging in violent and other health risk behaviors.
Academic Article The power and the promise: working with communities to analyze data, interpret findings, and get to outcomes.
Academic Article Photovoice as community-based participatory research: a qualitative review.
Academic Article Correlates of dietary intake among men involved in the MAN for Health study.
Academic Article Behavioral risk disparities in a random sample of self-identifying gay and non-gay male university students.
Academic Article The moderating role of gender in the prospective associations between expectancies and alcohol-related negative consequences among college students.
Academic Article HIV and sexually transmitted disease risk among male Hispanic/Latino migrant farmworkers in the Southeast: Findings from a pilot CBPR study.
Academic Article Reducing sexual risk among Filipina female bar workers: effects of a CBPR-developed structural and network intervention.
Academic Article Applying the theory of planned behavior to explore HAART adherence among HIV-positive immigrant Latinos: elicitation interview results.
Academic Article Attitudes of young african american fathers toward early childbearing.
Academic Article Realidad Latina: Latino adolescents, their school, and a university use photovoice to examine and address the influence of immigration.
Academic Article The employment perspectives study: identifying factors influencing the job-seeking behavior of persons living with HIV/AIDS.
Academic Article Using community-based participatory research to develop an intervention to reduce HIV and STD infections among Latino men.
Academic Article Comparing MSM in the southeastern United States who participated in an HIV prevention chat room-based outreach intervention and those who did not: how different are the baseline HIV-risk profiles?
Academic Article Using hepatitis A and B vaccination as a paradigm for effective HIV vaccine delivery.
Academic Article Characteristics of a sample of men who have sex with men, recruited from gay bars and Internet chat rooms, who report methamphetamine use.
Academic Article Exploring the health behavior disparities of gay men in the United States: comparing gay male university students to their heterosexual peers.
Academic Article Party behaviors and characteristics and serial drunkenness among college students.
Academic Article Sexual and alcohol risk behaviours of immigrant Latino men in the South-eastern USA.
Academic Article Protective behaviors and high-risk drinking among entering college freshmen.
Academic Article The role of monthly spending money in college student drinking behaviors and their consequences.
Academic Article What do men who serve as lay health advisers really do?: Immigrant Latino men share their experiences as Navegantes to prevent HIV.
Academic Article The negative consequences of other students' drinking: inventory development and assessment of differences by student characteristics and risk behaviors.
Academic Article A pilot intervention utilizing Internet chat rooms to prevent HIV risk behaviors among men who have sex with men.
Academic Article Boys must be men, and men must have sex with women: a qualitative CBPR study to explore sexual risk among African American, Latino, and White gay men and MSM.
Academic Article Latino men who have sex with men and HIV in the rural south-eastern USA: findings from ethnographic in-depth interviews.
Academic Article Exploring the sexual health priorities and needs of immigrant Latinas in the southeastern United States: a community-based participatory research approach.
Academic Article Sexual health and life experiences: voices from behaviourally bisexual Latino men in the Midwestern USA.
Academic Article Prevalence estimates of health risk behaviors of immigrant latino men who have sex with men.
Academic Article Using community-based participatory research (CBPR) to develop a community-level HIV prevention intervention for Latinas: a local response to a global challenge.
Academic Article Female sex work within the rural immigrant Latino community in the southeast United States: an exploratory qualitative community-based participatory research study.
Academic Article Impact of a computer-assisted, provider-delivered intervention on sexual risk behaviors in HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) in a primary care setting.
Concept International Cooperation
Concept Law Enforcement
Concept Financing, Organized
Concept Unsafe Sex
Concept Smoking
Concept Medication Adherence
Concept Employment
Concept Bisexuality
Concept Friends
Concept Life Style
Concept Data Collection
Concept Feeding Behavior
Concept Health Behavior
Concept Sexual Behavior
Concept Prejudice
Concept Adolescent Behavior
Concept Sexuality
Concept Photography
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Self Concept
Concept Smoking Cessation
Concept Tape Recording
Concept Commerce
Concept Condoms
Concept Interpersonal Relations
Concept Acculturation
Concept Narration
Concept Safe Sex
Concept Automobile Driving
Concept Dangerous Behavior
Concept Homosexuality, Male
Concept Cooperative Behavior
Concept Professional-Family Relations
Concept Reproductive Behavior
Concept Heterosexuality
Concept Violence
Concept Football
Concept Wrestling
Concept Risk-Taking
Concept Pregnancy in Adolescence
Concept Research
Concept Needs Assessment
Concept Community Networks
Concept Information Dissemination
Concept Researcher-Subject Relations
Concept Self Disclosure
Concept Risk Reduction Behavior
Concept Communication
Concept Program Evaluation
Concept Social Support
Concept Professional-Patient Relations
Concept Alcohol Drinking
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Community-Institutional Relations
Concept Gender Identity
Concept Social Behavior
Concept Patient Compliance
Concept Social Identification
Concept Behavior Therapy
Concept Recreation
Concept Program Development
Concept Child Abuse, Sexual
Concept Choice Behavior
Concept Residence Characteristics
Concept Trust
Concept Public Policy
Concept Politics
Concept Emigration and Immigration
Concept Group Processes
Concept Adaptation, Psychological
Concept Soccer
Academic Article A systematic community-based participatory approach to refining an evidence-based community-level intervention: the HOLA intervention for Latino men who have sex with men.
Academic Article Brothers Leading Healthy Lives: Outcomes from the pilot testing of a culturally and contextually congruent HIV prevention intervention for black male college students.
Academic Article Immigrant sexual minority Latino men in rural North Carolina: an exploration of social context, social behaviors, and sexual outcomes.
Academic Article Adaptation and implementation of HoMBReS: a community-level, evidence-based HIV behavioral intervention for heterosexual Latino men in the midwestern United States.
Academic Article Social stressors and alcohol use among immigrant sexual and gender minority Latinos in a nontraditional settlement state.
Academic Article Still a hard-to-reach population? Using social media to recruit Latino gay couples for an HIV intervention adaptation study.
Academic Article Acculturation, sexual behaviors, and health care access among Hispanic and non-Hispanic white adolescents and young adults in the United States, 2006-2010.
Academic Article Factors influencing health care access perceptions and care-seeking behaviors of immigrant Latino sexual minority men and transgender individuals: baseline findings from the HOLA intervention study.
Academic Article Latino men's qualitative perspectives on a lay health advisor intervention to promote their sexual health.
Academic Article Latino sexual and gender identity minorities promoting sexual health within their social networks: process evaluation findings from a lay health advisor intervention.
Academic Article Hispanic Men in the United States: Acculturation and Recent Sexual Behaviors With Female Partners, 2006-2010.
Academic Article Enhancement of a Locally Developed HIV Prevention Intervention for Hispanic/Latino MSM: A Partnership of Community-Based Organizations, a University, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Academic Article The ecology of sexual health of sexual minorities in Guatemala City.
Academic Article The HIV Risk Profiles of Latino Sexual Minorities and Transgender Persons Who Use Websites or Apps Designed for Social and Sexual Networking.
Academic Article Enhancing HIV Prevention Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Systematic Review of HIV Behavioral Interventions for Young Gay and Bisexual Men.
Academic Article Syndemic factors associated with adult sexual HIV risk behaviors in a sample of Latino men who have sex with men in New York City.
Academic Article Listening to the voices of Latina women: Sexual and reproductive health intervention needs and priorities in a new settlement state in the United States.
Academic Article Relationship Factors Associated with Sexual Risk Behavior and High-Risk Alcohol Consumption Among Latino Men Who Have Sex with Men: Challenges and Opportunities to Intervene on HIV Risk.
Academic Article HIV-Prevention Opportunities With GPS-Based Social and Sexual Networking Applications for Men Who Have Sex With Men.
Academic Article Reducing HIV risk among Hispanic/Latino men who have sex with men: Qualitative analysis of behavior change intentions by participants in a small-group intervention.
Grant CBPR and the Internet: Increasing HIV Testing Through Chat Room-Based Promotion
Grant Evaluating an intervention to increase HIV testing through chat room promotion
Grant HIV Among Rural Latino Gay Men and MSM in the Southeast
Grant PS09-007, Evaluating Locally-Developed Homegrown HIV Prevention Interventions
Grant Trabajando Juntos: Working for Health Disparity Reduction among Latinos
Grant HIV prevention among Latina transgender women who have sex with men: Evaluation of a locally developed intervention
Academic Article Small-Group Randomized Controlled Trial to Increase Condom Use and HIV Testing Among Hispanic/Latino Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men.
Academic Article Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Mental Health, Sexual Risk Behaviors, and Drinking Patterns Among Latino Men Who Have Sex With Men.
Academic Article Coproduction of Research Questions and Research Evidence in Public Health: The Study to Prevent Teen Drinking Parties.
Academic Article Connecting Refugees to Medical Homes Through Multi-Sector Collaboration.
Academic Article Preliminary Impact of the weCare Social Media Intervention to Support Health for Young Men Who Have Sex with Men and Transgender Women with HIV.
Academic Article Social Context of Sexual Minority Adolescents and Relationship to Alcohol Use.
Academic Article Social Support and Other Factors Associated with HIV Testing by Hispanic/Latino Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men in the U.S. South.
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