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Academic Article The incidence of green tobacco sickness among Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article High levels of low energy reporting on 24-hour recalls and three questionnaires in an elderly low-socioeconomic status population.
Academic Article Evidence of organizational injustice in poultry processing plants: Possible effects on occupational health and safety among Latino workers in North Carolina.
Academic Article Views of hypertension among young African Americans who vary in their risk of developing hypertension.
Academic Article Dry mouth and dietary quality in older adults in north Carolina.
Academic Article Smokeless tobacco use among adults in the Southeast.
Academic Article Developing methods for assessing neurotoxic effects in Hispanic non-English speaking children.
Academic Article Ethnic and sex differences in ownership of preventive health equipment among rural older adults with diabetes.
Academic Article Severe tooth loss in older adults as a key indicator of compromised dietary quality.
Academic Article Dental anxiety and oral health outcomes among rural older adults.
Academic Article Social control in older adults' diabetes self management and well-being.
Concept Sex Factors
Academic Article Medical skepticism and complementary therapy use among older rural African-Americans and Whites.
Academic Article Correlates of physician trust among rural older adults with diabetes.
Academic Article A qualitative analysis of how elders seek and disseminate health information.
Academic Article Comorbidity of tinea pedis and onychomycosis and evaluation of risk factors in Latino immigrant poultry processing and other manual laborers.
Academic Article The Association of Complementary Therapy Use With Prescription Medication Adherence Among Older Community-Dwelling Adults.
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