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Academic Article Physical exercise and comorbidity. Results from the Fitness and Arthritis in Seniors Trial (FAST).
Academic Article Changes in cognitive function in a randomized trial of physical activity: results of the lifestyle interventions and independence for elders pilot study.
Concept Exercise Therapy
Academic Article Respiratory impairment and dyspnea and their associations with physical inactivity and mobility in sedentary community-dwelling older persons.
Academic Article Effect of structured physical activity on prevention of major mobility disability in older adults: the LIFE study randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article A long-term intensive lifestyle intervention and physical function: the look AHEAD Movement and Memory Study.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of the LIFE Physical Activity Intervention for Older Adults at Increased Risk for Mobility Disability.
Academic Article Hospitalizations During a Physical Activity Intervention in Older Adults at Risk of Mobility Disability: Analyses from the Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Cardiovascular Events in a Physical Activity Intervention Compared With a Successful Aging Intervention: The LIFE Study Randomized Trial.
Academic Article Circulating MiRNAs as biomarkers of gait speed responses to aerobic exercise training in obese older adults.
Academic Article Exercise's effect on mobility disability in older adults with and without obesity: The LIFE study randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Maintenance of Physical Function 1 Year After Exercise Intervention in At-Risk Older Adults: Follow-up From the LIFE Study.
Academic Article Biomarkers of leaky gut are related to inflammation and reduced physical function in older adults with cardiometabolic disease and mobility limitations.
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