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Academic Article Correlates of health-related quality of life in women with severe facial blemishes.
Academic Article Latino farmworker perceptions of the risk factors for occupational skin disease.
Academic Article Social sensitivity and acne: the role of personality in negative social consequences and quality of life.
Academic Article Pterygium among Latino migrant farmworkers in North Carolina.
Academic Article The prevalence of melasma and its association with quality of life in adult male Latino migrant workers.
Academic Article Health care utilization among migrant Latino farmworkers: the case of skin disease.
Academic Article Efficacy of the 308-nm excimer laser for treatment of psoriasis: results of a multicenter study.
Academic Article Dermatological illnesses of immigrant poultry-processing workers in North Carolina.
Academic Article An educational brochure helps improve patients' understanding of residents' role and level of training.
Academic Article Contact dermatitis in tobacco farmworkers.
Academic Article Self report of skin problems among farmworkers in North Carolina.
Academic Article Green tobacco sickness and skin integrity among migrant Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article Skin-related quality of life among migrant farmworkers.
Academic Article The association of dermatologist-diagnosed and self-reported skin diseases with skin-related quality of life in Latino migrant farmworkers.
Academic Article Prevalence of pigmentary disorders and their impact on quality of life: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Teledermatology consultations provide specialty care for farmworkers in rural clinics.
Academic Article Health reform in North Carolina: market hazard, moral imperative: why we need health reform.
Concept North Carolina
Academic Article Explicit and implicit copayments for phototherapy: examining the cost of commuting.
Academic Article Dermatologist-diagnosed skin diseases among immigrant Latino poultry processors and other manual workers in North Carolina, USA.
Academic Article Recruiting underserved mothers to medical research: findings from North Carolina.
Academic Article The association of skin conditions with housing conditions among North Carolina Latino migrant farm workers.
Academic Article Comorbidity of tinea pedis and onychomycosis and evaluation of risk factors in Latino immigrant poultry processing and other manual laborers.
Grant Hawthorne Conference on Office-Based Surgery
Grant Recruiting Rural Parents/Infants to Health Research Projects: Atopic Dermatitis
Academic Article Topical Desoximetasone 0.25% Spray and Its Vehicle Have Little Potential for Irritation or Sensitization.
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