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Academic Article Nonlinear modeling of causal interrelationships in neuronal ensembles.
Academic Article Changes of hippocampal CA3-CA1 population nonlinear dynamics across different training sessions in rats performing a memory-dependent task.
Academic Article Estimation and statistical validation of event-invariant nonlinear dynamic models of hippocampal CA3-CA1 population activities.
Academic Article Closing the loop for memory prosthesis: detecting the role of hippocampal neural ensembles using nonlinear models.
Academic Article Nonlinear modeling of dynamic interactions within neuronal ensembles using Principal Dynamic Modes.
Academic Article Nonlinear dynamic modeling of spike train transformations for hippocampal-cortical prostheses.
Academic Article A multi-input modeling approach to quantify hippocampal nonlinear dynamic transformations.
Academic Article Modeling hippocampal nonlinear dynamic transformations with principal dynamic modes.
Academic Article Statistical selection of multiple-input multiple-output nonlinear dynamic models of spike train transformation.
Academic Article Functional connectivity through nonlinear modeling: an application to the rat hippocampus.
Academic Article Nonlinear modeling of neural population dynamics for hippocampal prostheses.
Academic Article Sparse generalized Laguerre-Volterra model of neural population dynamics.
Academic Article A cortical neural prosthesis for restoring and enhancing memory.
Academic Article Tracking the changes of hippocampal population nonlinear dynamics in rats learning a memory-dependent task.
Academic Article A nonlinear model for hippocampal cognitive prosthesis: memory facilitation by hippocampal ensemble stimulation.
Academic Article A hippocampal cognitive prosthesis: multi-input, multi-output nonlinear modeling and VLSI implementation.
Academic Article Functional connectivity between Layer 2/3 and Layer 5 neurons in prefrontal cortex of nonhuman primates during a delayed match-to-sample task.
Concept Nonlinear Dynamics
Academic Article System identification of point-process neural systems using probability based Volterra kernels.
Academic Article Model-based asessment of an in-vivo predictive relationship from CA1 to CA3 in the rodent hippocampus.
Academic Article Multifractal analysis of information processing in hippocampal neural ensembles during working memory under ??-tetrahydrocannabinol administration.
Academic Article Identification of functional synaptic plasticity from spiking activities using nonlinear dynamical modeling.
Academic Article Sparse generalized volterra model of human hippocampal spike train transformation for memory prostheses.
Academic Article A cognitive prosthesis for memory facilitation by closed-loop functional ensemble stimulation of hippocampal neurons in primate brain.
Academic Article Sparse Large-Scale Nonlinear Dynamical Modeling of Human Hippocampus for Memory Prostheses.
Academic Article Decoding memory features from hippocampal spiking activities using sparse classification models.
Academic Article Mechanism-Based and Input-Output Modeling of the Key Neuronal Connections and Signal Transformations in the CA3-CA1 Regions of the Hippocampus.
Academic Article Designing Patient-Specific Optimal Neurostimulation Patterns for Seizure Suppression.
Academic Article Multi-Input, Multi-Output Neuronal Mode Network Approach to Modeling the Encoding Dynamics and Functional Connectivity of Neural Systems.
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