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Academic Article Health policy--ensuring informed consent in human experimentation: a comparison of the approaches of two states.
Academic Article RAC oversight of gene transfer research: a model worth extending?
Academic Article The line between clinical innovation and human experimentation.
Academic Article Assessing benefits in clinical research: why diversity in benefit assessment can be risky.
Academic Article Vulnerability to influence: a two-way street.
Academic Article Clinical trials and medical care: defining the therapeutic misconception.
Academic Article Nanomedicine first-in-human research: challenges for informed consent.
Academic Article Treatments of last resort: informed consent and the diffusion of new technology.
Academic Article Therapeutic misconception in early phase gene transfer trials.
Academic Article Trials and errors: barriers to oversight of research conducted under the emergency research consent waiver.
Academic Article Recommendations for nanomedicine human subjects research oversight: an evolutionary approach for an emerging field.
Academic Article Introduction: research ethics: reexamining key concerns.
Concept Nontherapeutic Human Experimentation
Concept Human Experimentation
Concept Therapeutic Human Experimentation
Academic Article The OHRP and SUPPORT--another view.
Academic Article Why we should continue to worry about the therapeutic misconception.
Academic Article Key Information in the New Common Rule: Can It Save Research Consent?
Academic Article Who's Winning the IRB Wars? The Struggle for the Soul of Human Research.
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