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Academic Article The Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes Memory in Diabetes Study (ACCORD-MIND): rationale, design, and methods.
Academic Article Statins, risk of dementia, and cognitive function: secondary analysis of the ginkgo evaluation of memory study.
Academic Article Classification of structural MRI images in Alzheimer's disease from the perspective of ill-posed problems.
Academic Article Do red blood cell-beta-amyloid interactions alter oxygen delivery in Alzheimer's disease?
Academic Article Ginkgo biloba for prevention of dementia: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article High dimensional classification of structural MRI Alzheimer's disease data based on large scale regularization.
Concept Alzheimer Disease
Academic Article Antihypertensive drugs decrease risk of Alzheimer disease: Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory Study.
Academic Article Alzheimer's disease risk assessment using large-scale machine learning methods.
Academic Article Markers of cholesterol transport are associated with amyloid deposition in the brain.
Academic Article Solving the mystery of the diabetes-dementia connection: new clues--but far from "case closed".
Grant The SPRINT Alzheimer's, Seniors and Kidney Study (SPRINT ASK)
Academic Article D-CARE: The Dementia Care Study: Design of a Pragmatic Trial of the Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness of Health System-Based Versus Community-Based Dementia Care Versus Usual Dementia Care.
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