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Academic Article A finite element study of age-based size and shape variation of the human rib cage.
Academic Article Retrospective identification of subject anthropometry using computed tomography of the leg.
Academic Article Biomechanical modeling of pregnant occupants in far-side vehicle crashes.
Academic Article An experimental and computational study of blunt carotid artery injury.
Academic Article Risk functions for human and porcine eye rupture based on projectile characteristics of blunt objects.
Academic Article A comparative study of optimization techniques for tuning a finite element model of the lung to biomechanical data.
Academic Article Biomechanical response of the human clavicle: the effects of loading direction on bending properties.
Academic Article Bilateral carotid artery injury response in side impact using a vessel model integrated with a human body model.
Academic Article Biomechanical modeling of eye trauma for different orbit anthropometries.
Academic Article Contributions of neural tone to in vivo passive muscle--tendon unit biomechanical properties in a rat rotator cuff animal model.
Academic Article Design, development, and analysis of a surrogate for pulmonary injury prediction.
Academic Article Modeling brain injury response for rotational velocities of varying directions and magnitudes.
Academic Article Lateral impact validation of a geometrically accurate full body finite element model for blunt injury prediction.
Academic Article Predicting zygoma fractures from baseball impact.
Academic Article Finite element-based injury metrics for pulmonary contusion via concurrent model optimization.
Academic Article Evaluation of different projectiles in matched experimental eye impact simulations.
Academic Article Development of a full body CAD dataset for computational modeling: a multi-modality approach.
Concept Computer Simulation
Academic Article Head and neck response of a finite element anthropomorphic test device and human body model during a simulated rotary-wing aircraft impact.
Academic Article Finite element model prediction of pulmonary contusion in vehicle-to-vehicle simulations of real-world crashes.
Academic Article Age- and sex-specific thorax finite element model development and simulation.
Academic Article Application of Radial Basis Function Methods in the Development of a 95th Percentile Male Seated FEA Model.
Academic Article Investigation of the mass distribution of a detailed seated male finite element model.
Academic Article Thoracoabdominal organ volumes for small women.
Academic Article Development of a computationally efficient full human body finite element model.
Academic Article Development and Validation of an Older Occupant Finite Element Model of a Mid-Sized Male for Investigation of Age-related Injury Risk.
Academic Article Injury risk prediction from computational simulations of ocular blast loading.
Academic Article Computational modeling and analysis of thoracolumbar spine fractures in frontal crash reconstruction.
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