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Academic Article Reduced proteoglycan binding of low density lipoproteins from monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) fed a fish oil versus lard diet.
Academic Article Studies on the effect of dietary fish oil on the physical and chemical properties of low density lipoproteins in cynomolgus monkeys.
Academic Article ACAT2 contributes cholesteryl esters to newly secreted VLDL, whereas LCAT adds cholesteryl ester to LDL in mice.
Academic Article Fish oil decreases hepatic cholesteryl ester secretion but not apoB secretion in African green monkeys.
Academic Article Targeted deletion of hepatocyte ABCA1 leads to very low density lipoprotein triglyceride overproduction and low density lipoprotein hypercatabolism.
Academic Article Hepatic ABCA1 and VLDL triglyceride production.
Academic Article Macrophage 12/15 lipoxygenase expression increases plasma and hepatic lipid levels and exacerbates atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Effect of fish oil versus lard diets on the chemical and physical properties of low density lipoproteins of nonhuman primates.
Academic Article Physical characterization of lymph chylomicrons and very low density lipoproteins from nonhuman primates fed saturated dietary fat.
Academic Article Dietary polyunsaturated fat modifies low-density lipoproteins and reduces atherosclerosis of nonhuman primates with high and low diet responsiveness.
Academic Article Dietary polyunsaturated fat decreases interaction between low density lipoproteins and arterial proteoglycans.
Academic Article Dietary fish oil-induced decrease in low density lipoprotein binding to fibroblasts is mediated by apolipoprotein E.
Academic Article Effect of interleukin-1 alpha on lipoprotein lipids in cynomolgus monkeys: comparison to tumor necrosis factor.
Academic Article Lipoprotein lipase enhances the interaction of low density lipoproteins with artery-derived extracellular matrix proteoglycans.
Academic Article Dietary fish oil modification of cynomolgus monkey low density lipoproteins results in decreased binding and cholesteryl ester accumulation by cultured fibroblasts.
Academic Article Harmful effects of increased LDLR expression in mice with human APOE*4 but not APOE*3.
Academic Article Effect of fish oil diet on hepatic lipid metabolism in nonhuman primates: lowering of secretion of hepatic triglyceride but not apoB.
Academic Article Minimal lipidation of pre-beta HDL by ABCA1 results in reduced ability to interact with ABCA1.
Academic Article A novel role for ABCA1-generated large pre-beta migrating nascent HDL in the regulation of hepatic VLDL triglyceride secretion.
Academic Article Low density lipoproteins in atherosclerosis.
Academic Article 1H NMR studies of lymph chylomicra and very low density lipoproteins from nonhuman primates.
Academic Article Interrelationships of alpha-tocopherol with plasma lipoproteins in African green monkeys: effects of dietary fats.
Concept Lipoproteins, VLDL
Academic Article Very Low Density Lipoprotein Assembly Is Required for cAMP-responsive Element-binding Protein H Processing and Hepatic Apolipoprotein A-IV Expression.
Grant Hepatocyte Abca1, cholesterol trafficking, and lipid mobilization
Academic Article Hepatic ABCA1 deficiency is associated with delayed apolipoprotein B secretory trafficking and augmented VLDL triglyceride secretion.
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