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Academic Article Anticipatory guidance topics: are more better?
Academic Article Inter-agency collaboration in the care of children with complex chronic conditions.
Academic Article Firearm ownership and storage patterns among families with children who receive well-child care in pediatric offices.
Academic Article Is office-based counseling about media use, timeouts, and firearm storage effective? Results from a cluster-randomized, controlled trial.
Academic Article Social integration and diabetes management among rural older adults.
Academic Article 2009-2010 seasonal influenza vaccination coverage among college students from 8 universities in North Carolina.
Concept Family Conflict
Concept Family Relations
Concept Family
Concept Family Characteristics
Concept Professional-Family Relations
Concept Family Practice
Academic Article Physical activity of preschool-aged Latino children in farmworker families.
Academic Article Work and health among Latina mothers in farmworker families.
Academic Article Housing and Neighborhood Characteristics and Latino Farmworker Family Well-Being.
Academic Article Interpersonal and social correlates of depressive symptoms among Latinas in farmworker families living in North Carolina.
Academic Article Economic Hardship and Depression Among Women in Latino Farmworker Families.
Academic Article Physical Activity States of Preschool-Aged Latino Children in Farmworker Families: Predictive Factors and Relationship With BMI Percentile.
Academic Article Residential Environment for Outdoor Play Among Children in Latino Farmworker Families.
Academic Article Stability of Household and Housing Characteristics Among Farmworker Families in North Carolina: Implications for Health.
Academic Article Child Feeding Style and Dietary Outcomes in a Cohort of Latino Farmworker Families.
Academic Article Relationship between maternal depression symptoms and child weight outcomes in Latino farmworker families.
Academic Article Patient experience of an integrated care model in a family practice clinic & FQHC.
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