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Academic Article BK virus nephropathy diagnosis and treatment: experience at the University of Maryland Renal Transplant Program.
Academic Article Mycoplasma hominis septic arthritis in a pediatric renal transplant recipient: case report and review of the literature.
Academic Article Intermediate-term outcomes with expanded criteria deceased donors in kidney transplantation: a spectrum or specter of quality?
Academic Article Experience with deceased donor kidney transplantation in 114 patients over age 60.
Academic Article Experience in renal and extrarenal transplantation with donation after cardiac death donors with selective use of extracorporeal support.
Academic Article Management of leukopenia in kidney and pancreas transplant recipients.
Academic Article Import pancreas allografts: good from far or far from good?
Academic Article Single center experience transplanting kidneys from deceased donors with terminal acute renal failure.
Academic Article Kidney transplantation from donation after cardiac death donors: lack of impact of delayed graft function on post-transplant outcomes.
Academic Article Lessons learned from a single center's experience with 134 donation after cardiac death donor kidney transplants.
Academic Article Hypertension in standard criteria deceased donors is associated with inferior outcomes following kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Evolving experience using kidneys from deceased donors with terminal acute kidney injury.
Academic Article A decade of experience with renal transplantation in African-Americans.
Academic Article Solitary renal allografts from pediatric cadaver donors less than 2 years of age transplanted into adult recipients.
Academic Article Increased kidney transplantation utilizing expanded criteria deceased organ donors with results comparable to standard criteria donor transplant.
Academic Article Kidney and pancreas transplantation at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.
Academic Article Optimal use of older donors and recipients in kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Experience with dual kidney transplants from donors at the extremes of age.
Academic Article Influence of pulsatile perfusion preservation on outcomes in kidney transplantation from expanded criteria donors.
Academic Article Dual kidney transplantation: a case-control comparison with single kidney transplantation from standard and expanded criteria donors.
Academic Article A randomized trial of alemtuzumab vs. anti-thymocyte globulin induction in renal and pancreas transplantation.
Academic Article Successful kidney transplantation from a donation after cardiac death donor with acute renal failure and bowel infarction using extracorporeal support.
Academic Article A randomized trial of alemtuzumab versus antithymocyte globulin induction in renal and pancreas transplantation.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine as applied to solid organ transplantation: current status and future challenges.
Academic Article Cost-effective immunosuppressive options for solid organ transplantation: a guide to lower cost for the renal transplant recipient in the USA.
Academic Article Pancreas transplantation: lessons learned from a decade of experience at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.
Academic Article Gout and transplantation: new treatment option-same old drug interaction.
Academic Article Pancreas graft thrombosis: causes, prevention, diagnosis, and intervention.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine as applied to general surgery.
Academic Article Treatment options for renal cell carcinoma in renal allografts: a case series from a single institution.
Academic Article Microencapsulation of pancreatic islets for use in a bioartificial pancreas.
Concept Pancreas Transplantation
Concept Corneal Transplantation
Concept Liver Transplantation
Concept Organ Transplantation
Concept Transplantation Immunology
Concept Transplantation Conditioning
Concept Transplantation, Homologous
Concept Kidney Transplantation
Concept Stem Cell Transplantation
Concept Cell Transplantation
Concept Islets of Langerhans Transplantation
Academic Article Design of a bioartificial pancreas.
Academic Article Discarded human kidneys as a source of ECM scaffold for kidney regeneration technologies.
Academic Article Ethnicity, medical insurance, and living kidney donation.
Academic Article Immunosuppression for pancreas transplantation with an emphasis on antibody induction strategies: review and perspective.
Academic Article Pancreas transplantation with portal venous drainage with an emphasis on technical aspects.
Academic Article Long-term function of islets encapsulated in a redesigned alginate microcapsule construct in omentum pouches of immune-competent diabetic rats.
Academic Article Successful unintentional ABO-incompatible renal transplantation: Blood group A1B donor into an A2B recipient.
Academic Article Osseus metaplasia in kidney allografts as a paradigm of regenerative medicine principles.
Academic Article Depleting antibody induction in simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation: a prospective single-center comparison of alemtuzumab versus rabbit anti-thymocyte globulin.
Academic Article Influence of recipient age on deceased donor kidney transplant outcomes in the expanded criteria donor era.
Academic Article Pancreas transplantation: The Wake Forest experience in the new millennium.
Academic Article Simultaneous transplantation of the living donor kidney and deceased donor pancreas and other transplant options for diabetic and uremic patients.
Academic Article Prospect for kidney bioengineering: shortcomings of the status quo.
Academic Article Pancreas transplantation in C-peptide positive patients: does "type" of diabetes really matter?
Academic Article Donor-derived myeloid sarcoma in two kidney transplant recipients from a single donor.
Academic Article Role of allograft nephrectomy following kidney graft failure: preliminary experience with pre-operative angiographic kidney embolization.
Academic Article Deceased donor multidrug resistance protein 1 and caveolin 1 gene variants may influence allograft survival in kidney transplantation.
Academic Article APOL1 Genotype and Kidney Transplantation Outcomes From Deceased African American Donors.
Academic Article Evolution of Islet Transplantation for the Last 30 Years.
Academic Article Kidney transplantation, bioengineering and regeneration: an originally immunology-based discipline destined to transition towards ad hoc organ manufacturing and repair.
Academic Article Dual kidney transplants from adult marginal donors successfully expand the limited deceased donor organ pool.
Academic Article Successful ABO-Incompatible Renal Transplantation: ?Blood Group A1B Donor Into A2B Recipient With Anti-A1 Isoagglutinins.
Academic Article Retrieval of Microencapsulated Islet Grafts for Post-transplant Evaluation.
Academic Article Single-Center Experience with Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation in 114 Individuals Aged 70 and Older in the New Millennium.
Academic Article Severe intellectual disability is not a contraindication to kidney transplantation in children.
Academic Article Analysis of local versus imported expanded criteria donor kidneys: A single-center experience with 497 ECD kidney transplants.
Academic Article Applications of particulate oxygen-generating substances (POGS) in the bioartificial pancreas.
Academic Article Eversion endarterectomy of the deceased donor renal artery to prevent kidney discard.
Academic Article Molecular Pathways Underlying Adaptive Repair of the Injured Kidney: Novel Donation After Cardiac Death and Acute Kidney Injury Platforms.
Academic Article Is prolonged cold ischemia a contraindication to using kidneys from acute kidney injury donors?
Academic Article Dual Kidney Transplantation from Donors at the Extremes of Age.
Academic Article Clear cell papillary renal cell carcinoma in a transplant kidney.
Academic Article C-peptide levels do not correlate with pancreas allograft failure: Multicenter retrospective analysis and discussion of the new OPT definition of pancreas allograft failure.
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