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overview My interdisciplinary background in biomedical nanotechnology, a field lying at the interface of biomedicine, chemistry, physics and materials science, brings together ideas and techniques from these disciplines. By studying and manipulating the bio-nano interface, I work to facilitate the translation of proof of principle experiments into clinical applications of well-defined materials for cancer therapy and diagnostic use. Most recently, my group showed that carbon nanotubes can be used to target breast and brain tumors, deliver genes and cancer therapeutics, and that appropriately functionalized carbon nanotubes are safe for blood born delivery. Additionally, we demonstrated that unmodified silver nanoparticles act as a self-therapeutic agent with a combination of selective cytotoxicity and radiation dose-enhancement effects toward triple negative breast cancer at doses that are nontoxic to noncancerous breast and other cells. I am dedicated to developing new tools to improve outcomes for cancer treatment and diagnosis.
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