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Academic Article Challenges in a larger bladder replacement with cell-seeded and unseeded small intestinal submucosa grafts in a subtotal cystectomy model.
Academic Article Urine derived cells are a potential source for urological tissue reconstruction.
Academic Article Optimization of a natural collagen scaffold to aid cell-matrix penetration for urologic tissue engineering.
Academic Article Differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into bladder cells: potential for urological tissue engineering.
Academic Article Tissue-engineered conduit using urine-derived stem cells seeded bacterial cellulose polymer in urinary reconstruction and diversion.
Academic Article Human urine-derived stem cells seeded in a modified 3D porous small intestinal submucosa scaffold for urethral tissue engineering.
Academic Article Characterization of urine-derived stem cells obtained from upper urinary tract for use in cell-based urological tissue engineering.
Academic Article Cell-seeded tubularized scaffolds for reconstruction of long urethral defects: a preclinical study.
Academic Article Myogenic differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on a 3D nano fibrous scaffold for bladder tissue engineering.
Academic Article Re-epithelialization of demucosalized stomach patch with tissue-engineered urothelial mucosa combined with Botox A in bladder augmentation.
Academic Article Isolation and myogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells for urologic tissue engineering.
Concept Tissue Engineering
Academic Article Urothelial cell culture.
Academic Article Bladder acellular matrix and its application in bladder augmentation.
Grant Use of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells for Bladder Tissue Engineering.
Academic Article Specific complexes derived from extracellular matrix facilitate generation of structural and drug-responsive human salivary gland microtissues through maintenance stem cell homeostasis.
Academic Article Urethral reconstruction with autologous urine-derived stem cells seeded in three-dimensional porous small intestinal submucosa in a rabbit model.
Academic Article Reconstruction of penile urethra with the 3-dimensional porous bladder acellular matrix in a rabbit model.
Academic Article Growth of bone marrow stromal cells on small intestinal submucosa: an alternative cell source for tissue engineered bladder.
Academic Article Reliable and reproducible bladder regeneration using unseeded distal small intestinal submucosa.
Academic Article Bladder regeneration with cell-seeded small intestinal submucosa.
Academic Article Urine-derived stem cells for potential use in bladder repair.
Academic Article Coadministration of platelet-derived growth factor-BB and vascular endothelial growth factor with bladder acellular matrix enhances smooth muscle regeneration and vascularization for bladder augmentation in a rabbit model.
Academic Article Bladder reconstruction by tissue engineering--with or without cells?
Academic Article Comparison of decellularization protocols for preparing a decellularized porcine annulus fibrosus scaffold.
Academic Article Meniscus reconstruction through coculturing meniscus cells with synovium-derived stem cells on small intestine submucosa--a pilot study to engineer meniscus tissue constructs.
Academic Article Gradient nanofibrous chitosan/poly ?-caprolactone scaffolds as extracellular microenvironments for vascular tissue engineering.
Academic Article Coculture of bladder urothelial and smooth muscle cells on small intestinal submucosa: potential applications for tissue engineering technology.
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