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Concept Case-Control Studies
Academic Article Endometriosis markers: immunologic alterations as diagnostic indicators for endometriosis.
Academic Article Endometrial BCL6 Overexpression in Eutopic Endometrium of Women With Endometriosis.
Academic Article ARID1A Is Essential for Endometrial Function during Early Pregnancy.
Academic Article Endometrial beta3 integrin profile reflects endometrial receptivity defects in women with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss.
Academic Article A balancing act: RNA binding protein HuR/TTP axis in endometriosis patients.
Academic Article Intraoperative detection of subtle endometriosis: a novel paradigm for detection and treatment of pelvic pain associated with the loss of peritoneal integrity.
Academic Article Immune-inflammation gene signatures in endometriosis patients.
Academic Article Elevated levels of adrenomedullin in eutopic endometrium and plasma from women with endometriosis.
Academic Article Prospective assessment of midsecretory endometrial leukemia inhibitor factor expression versus a?ß3 testing in women with unexplained infertility.
Academic Article Progesterone resistance in PCOS endometrium: a microarray analysis in clomiphene citrate-treated and artificial menstrual cycles.
Academic Article Plasma C3a-des-Arg levels in women with and without endometriosis.
Academic Article Progesterone Resistance in Endometriosis Is Modulated by the Altered Expression of MicroRNA-29c and FKBP4.
Academic Article Endometrial CXCL13 expression is cycle regulated in humans and aberrantly expressed in humans and Rhesus macaques with endometriosis.
Academic Article Extracellular vesicles from endometriosis patients are characterized by a unique miRNA-lncRNA signature.
Academic Article Interleukin-6 (IL-6) Activates the NOTCH1 Signaling Pathway Through E-Proteins in Endometriotic Lesions.

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