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Concept Reactive Oxygen Species
Concept Oxygen Consumption
Concept Oxygen
Academic Article PAS kinase is required for normal cellular energy balance.
Academic Article Early mitochondrial adaptations in skeletal muscle to diet-induced obesity are strain dependent and determine oxidative stress and energy expenditure but not insulin sensitivity.
Academic Article Iron-mediated inhibition of mitochondrial manganese uptake mediates mitochondrial dysfunction in a mouse model of hemochromatosis.
Academic Article MitoNEET-driven alterations in adipocyte mitochondrial activity reveal a crucial adaptive process that preserves insulin sensitivity in obesity.
Academic Article Dietary iron restriction or iron chelation protects from diabetes and loss of beta-cell function in the obese (ob/ob lep-/-) mouse.
Academic Article Iron overload and diabetes risk: a shift from glucose to Fatty Acid oxidation and increased hepatic glucose production in a mouse model of hereditary hemochromatosis.
Academic Article Pleiotropic and age-dependent effects of decreased protein modification by O-linked N-acetylglucosamine on pancreatic ß-cell function and vascularization.
Academic Article Dietary iron controls circadian hepatic glucose metabolism through heme synthesis.
Academic Article Metabolic aspects of high-altitude adaptation in Tibetans.
Grant Iron, the circadian clock, and diabetes risk
Grant Diabetes in Hemochromatosis: Prevalence and Mechanisms
Grant Mechanism of Integrative Metabolic Regulation by Iron and Hypoxia

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