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Concept Positron-Emission Tomography
Academic Article Synthesis, radiolabeling and initial in vivo evaluation of [(11)C]KSM-01 for imaging PPAR-a receptors.
Academic Article In vivo evaluation of [18F]FECIMBI-36, an agonist 5-HT2A/2C receptor PET radioligand in nonhuman primate.
Academic Article Radiosynthesis and in Vivo Evaluation of [11C]A1070722, a High Affinity GSK-3 PET Tracer in Primate Brain.
Academic Article Radiosynthesis and evaluation of IGF1R PET ligand [11C]GSK1838705A.
Academic Article Metabolic PET Imaging in Oncology.
Academic Article Amino Acid Uptake Measured by [18F]AFETP Increases in Response to Arginine Starvation in ASS1-Deficient Sarcomas.
Academic Article Radiosynthesis and in Vivo Evaluation of [11C]MPC-6827, the First Brain Penetrant Microtubule PET Ligand.
Academic Article Development of (18)F-labeled PET probes for imaging cell proliferation.
Academic Article Automated radiochemical synthesis and biodistribution of [¹¹C]l-a-acetylmethadol ([¹¹C]LAAM).
Academic Article Radiosynthesis and evaluation of [11C]CMP, a high affinity GSK3 ligand.
Academic Article 89Zr-Chloride Can Be Used for Immuno-PET Radiochemistry Without Loss of Antigen Reactivity In Vivo.
Academic Article Positron Emission Tomography: Updates on Imaging of Addiction.
Academic Article In vivo comparison of N-11CH3 vs O-11CH3 radiolabeled microtubule targeted PET ligands.
Academic Article Lipocalin-2 is an anorexigenic signal in primates.
Academic Article Selective Imaging of Lung Macrophages Using [11C]PBR28-Based Positron Emission Tomography.
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