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Academic Article Generation of histocompatible tissues using nuclear transplantation.
Academic Article A system for the enhancement of adenovirus mediated gene transfer to uro-epithelium.
Academic Article Directed apoptosis in Cox-2-overexpressing cancer cells through expression-targeted gene delivery.
Academic Article GeneChips in stem cell research.
Academic Article The use of keratin biomaterials derived from human hair for the promotion of rapid regeneration of peripheral nerves.
Academic Article Differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into bladder cells: potential for urological tissue engineering.
Academic Article Vascular therapy for radiation cystitis.
Academic Article Characterization of urine-derived stem cells obtained from upper urinary tract for use in cell-based urological tissue engineering.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid-derived stem cells as a cell source for bone tissue engineering.
Academic Article Human amnion epithelial cells induced to express functional cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator.
Academic Article In vivo administration of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and its antagonist, soluble neuropilin-1, predicts a role of VEGF in the progression of acute myeloid leukemia in vivo.
Academic Article Lack of major involvement of human uroplakin genes in vesicoureteral reflux: implications for disease heterogeneity.
Academic Article Derivation and comparative assessment of retinal pigment epithelium from human embryonic stem cells using transcriptomics.
Academic Article Microarray analysis of exstrophic human bladder smooth muscle.
Academic Article Microarray analysis of bladder smooth muscle from patients with myelomeningocele.
Academic Article Reprogramming of human somatic cells using human and animal oocytes.
Academic Article Protective effect of human amniotic fluid stem cells in an immunodeficient mouse model of acute tubular necrosis.
Academic Article Ethanol alters the osteogenic differentiation of amniotic fluid-derived stem cells.
Academic Article Functional genomics: new insights into the 'function' of low levels of gene expression in stem cells.
Academic Article Re: epigenetic regulation of phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-triphosphate-dependent Rac exchanger 1 gene expression in prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Human mid-trimester amniotic fluid stem cells cultured under embryonic stem cell conditions with valproic acid acquire pluripotent characteristics.
Academic Article Substrate elasticity controls cell proliferation, surface marker expression and motile phenotype in amniotic fluid-derived stem cells.
Academic Article Genetic modification of primate amniotic fluid-derived stem cells produces pancreatic progenitor cells in vitro.
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Viral
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Leukemic
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Concept Gene Expression Profiling
Concept Gene Expression
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic
Academic Article Spatial and temporal control of transgene expression through ultrasound-mediated induction of the heat shock protein 70B promoter in vivo.
Academic Article Re: activation of HIF2a in kidney proximal tubule cells causes abnormal glycogen deposition but not tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Re: antitumoral effects of vasoactive intestinal peptide in human renal cell carcinoma xenografts in athymic nude mice.
Academic Article Re: Differential stage-dependent regulation of prostatic epithelial morphogenesis by Hedgehog signaling.
Academic Article Quantifying signaling pathway activation to monitor the quality of induced pluripotent stem cells.
Academic Article Combination of small RNAs for skeletal muscle regeneration.
Academic Article Re: Brain Feminization Requires Active Repression of Masculinization via DNA Methylation.
Academic Article Re: A Feedback Regulation between miR-145 and DNA Methyltransferase 3b in Prostate Cancer Cell and Their Responses to Irradiation.
Academic Article Stiffness of hyaluronic acid gels containing liver extracellular matrix supports human hepatocyte function and alters cell morphology.
Academic Article Re: Tumour-Suppressive MicroRNA-29s Directly Regulate LOXL2 Expression and Inhibit Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion in Renal Cell Carcinoma.
Academic Article Boosting Hematopoietic Engraftment after in Utero Transplantation through Vascular Niche Manipulation.
Academic Article Common pathway signature in lung and liver fibrosis.
Academic Article Re: Regulation of UHRF1 by Dual-Strand Tumor-Suppressor MicroRNA-145 (miR-145-5p and miR-145-3p): Inhibition of Bladder Cancer Cell Aggressiveness.
Academic Article Re: Integrative Analyses Reveal a Long Noncoding RNA-Mediated Sponge Regulatory Network in Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Re: MicroRNA-141 Suppresses Prostate Cancer Stem Cells and Metastasis by Targeting a Cohort of Pro-Metastasis Genes.
Academic Article Re: Profiling of Long Non-Coding RNAs Identifies LINC00958 and LINC01296 as Candidate Oncogenes in Bladder Cancer.
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