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Academic Article Ability of the matrix protein of vesicular stomatitis virus to suppress beta interferon gene expression is genetically correlated with the inhibition of host RNA and protein synthesis.
Academic Article The cell-rounding activity of the vesicular stomatitis virus matrix protein is due to the induction of cell death.
Academic Article Potency of wild-type and temperature-sensitive vesicular stomatitis virus matrix protein in the inhibition of host-directed gene expression.
Academic Article Activity of vesicular stomatitis virus M protein mutants in cell rounding is correlated with the ability to inhibit host gene expression and is not correlated with virus assembly function.
Academic Article Identification of a consensus mutation in M protein of vesicular stomatitis virus from persistently infected cells that affects inhibition of host-directed gene expression.
Academic Article Contrasting effects of matrix protein on apoptosis in HeLa and BHK cells infected with vesicular stomatitis virus are due to inhibition of host gene expression.
Academic Article Inhibition of host and viral translation during vesicular stomatitis virus infection. eIF2 is responsible for the inhibition of viral but not host translation.
Academic Article Complexes of vesicular stomatitis virus matrix protein with host Rae1 and Nup98 involved in inhibition of host transcription.
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Viral
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Concept Gene Expression
Academic Article Preservation of dendritic cell function during vesicular stomatitis virus infection reflects both intrinsic and acquired mechanisms of resistance to suppression of host gene expression by viral M protein.
Academic Article Changes in Susceptibility to Oncolytic Vesicular Stomatitis Virus during Progression of Prostate Cancer.
Grant Cellular interactions of viral matrix protein
Grant RNA-Binding Proteins and Host Shut-Off by VSV
Grant Mechanism of host shut-off by VSV
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