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Academic Article Tobacco intervention training: current efforts and gaps in US medical schools.
Academic Article Creating student awareness to improve cultural competence: creating the critical incident.
Academic Article Reliability of a Smoking Cessation Risk Factor Interview Scale (SCRFIS) for use with standardized patient instructors.
Academic Article Medical students' attitudes toward underserved patients: a longitudinal comparison of problem-based and traditional medical curricula.
Academic Article Cultivating patient-centered communication skills training across the medical education continuum: a model for practice.
Academic Article The compelling need for cross-cultural medical education.
Academic Article Implementing smokeless tobacco instruction into medical student education: addressing the gap.
Academic Article Commentary: ambiguity and uncertainty: neglected elements of medical education curricula?
Academic Article Helping medical learners recognise and manage unconscious bias toward certain patient groups.
Academic Article Applying theory to the design of cultural competency training for medical students: a case study.
Academic Article Training and evaluating tobacco-specific standardized patient instructors.
Academic Article Curriculum and clinical training in oral health for physicians and dentists: report of panel 2 of the Macy study.
Academic Article Development of an asset map of medical education research activity.
Academic Article A longitudinal comparison of pharmacy and medical students' attitudes toward the medically underserved.
Academic Article Commentary: Identifying attitudes towards empathy: an essential feature of professionalism.
Academic Article Medical students' perceptions of their teachers' and their own cultural competency: implications for education.
Academic Article Obesity educational interventions in U.S. medical schools: a systematic review and identified gaps.
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Academic Article Interprofessional Education: What Measurable Learning Outcomes Are Realistic for the Physician Assistant Profession?
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