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Epigenetics of Severe Systemic InflammationGrant Why?
miRNA Epigenetic Roles in Regulations of Cholesterol Metabolism and CVD RiskGrant Why?
Epigenetics of Severe Systemic InflammationGrant Why?
Epigenetics of Weight Loss and Glycemic ImprovementGrant Why?
Human Pesticide Exposure and Epigenetic Changes in Sperm DNAGrant Why?
Epigenetic regulation of receptive endometriumGrant Why?
Obesity-Related Epigenetic Changes and Type-2 DiabetesGrant Why?
Epigenetic changes with dietary soy in cynomolgus monkeys.Academic Article Why?
Epigenetic regulation in reproductive medicine and gynecologic cancers.Academic Article Why?
Ding, JingzhongPerson Why?
Epigenetic Signatures of Cigarette Smoking.Academic Article Why?
A Longitudinal Epigenetic Study of AtherosclerosisGrant Why?
Bioenergetic and Epigenetic Reprogramming by Obesity in SepsisGrant Why?
McCall, CharlesPerson Why?
Gene-specific epigenetic regulation in serious infections with systemic inflammation.Academic Article Why?
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