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Oxidative stress.Academic Article Why?
Nrf2 amplifies oxidative stress via induction of Klf9.Academic Article Why?
Antenatal Betamethasone Exposure Increases Oxidative Stress in African-American Adolescents Born PrematurelyAcademic Article Why?
Internalization of Angiotensinogen is Coupled to Oxidative Stress in Human Retinal Epithelial CellsAcademic Article Why?
Muscadine Grape Extract Prevents Cardiac Cell Cytotoxicity Due to Oxidative Stress by Enhancing Mitochondrial FunctionAcademic Article Why?
Soluble Dietary Fiber in Obesity-Associated Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in African American WomenAcademic Article Why?
Oxidative StressConcept Why?
Oxidative balance score and oxidative stress biomarkers in a study of Whites, African Americans, and African immigrants.Academic Article Why?
Oxidative stress and lower urinary tract symptoms: cause or consequence?Academic Article Why?
Oxidative Stress in Metabolic Disorders: Pathogenesis, Prevention, and Therapeutics.Academic Article Why?
Angiotensin II-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is mediated by oxidative stress in transgenic TG(mRen2)27(Ren2) rats.Academic Article Why?
Angiotensin II-mediated oxidative stress promotes myocardial tissue remodeling in the transgenic (mRen2) 27 Ren2 rat.Academic Article Why?
Antioxidants and cognitive training interact to affect oxidative stress and memory in APP/PSEN1 mice.Academic Article Why?
Early mitochondrial adaptations in skeletal muscle to diet-induced obesity are strain dependent and determine oxidative stress and energy expenditure but not insulin sensitivity.Academic Article Why?
Inflammation and chronic oxidative stress in radiation-induced late normal tissue injury: therapeutic implications.Academic Article Why?
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