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A neural network model of multisensory integration also accounts for unisensory integration in superior colliculus.Academic Article Why?
Neural Networks (Computer)Concept Why?
Diagnosis of thyroid cancer using deep convolutional neural network models applied to sonographic images: a retrospective, multicohort, diagnostic study.Academic Article Why?
Salinas, EmilioPerson Why?
A model of the temporal dynamics of multisensory enhancement.Academic Article Why?
A modular cGAN classification framework: Application to colorectal tumor detection.Academic Article Why?
Background synaptic activity as a switch between dynamical states in a network.Academic Article Why?
Biomechanical contributions of posterior deltoid and teres minor in the context of axillary nerve injury: a computational study.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of artificial neural network and logistic regression models for predicting mortality in elderly patients with hip fracture.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of new modeling methods for postnatal weight in ELBW infants using prenatal and postnatal data.Academic Article Why?
Context-dependent selection of visuomotor maps.Academic Article Why?
DeepFocus: Detection of out-of-focus regions in whole slide digital images using deep learning.Academic Article Why?
Do computers dream of electric glomeruli?Academic Article Why?
Fast remapping of sensory stimuli onto motor actions on the basis of contextual modulation.Academic Article Why?
How cytokines co-occur across asthma patients: from bipartite network analysis to a molecular-based classification.Academic Article Why?
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