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Jones, SaraPerson Why?
Nader, MichaelPerson Why?
Czoty, PaulPerson Why?
Ferris, MarkPerson Why?
Chen, RongPerson Why?
Drenan, RyanPerson Why?
Porrino, LindaPerson Why?
Low and high affinity dopamine transporter inhibitors block dopamine uptake within 5 sec of intravenous injection.Academic Article Why?
Real-Time Accumbal Dopamine Signaling and Ethanol Drinking BehaviorGrant Why?
Dopamine D3 autoreceptor inhibition enhances cocaine potency at the dopamine transporter.Academic Article Why?
Amphetamine self-administration attenuates dopamine D2 autoreceptor function.Academic Article Why?
Dopamine uptake changes associated with cocaine self-administration.Academic Article Why?
Dopamine transporter mutant animals: a translational perspective.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacokinetics of dopamine in healthy male subjects.Academic Article Why?
Sub-second dopamine detection in human striatum.Academic Article Why?
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