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Lee, Sang JinPerson Why?
Atala, AnthonyPerson Why?
Yoo, JamesPerson Why?
Orlando, GiuseppePerson Why?
Soker, ShayPerson Why?
Tissue ScaffoldsConcept Why?
Bitar, KhalilPerson Why?
Production and implantation of renal extracellular matrix scaffolds from porcine kidneys as a platform for renal bioengineering investigations.Academic Article Why?
Scaffold technologies for controlling cell behavior in tissue engineering.Academic Article Why?
Ju, Young MinPerson Why?
Zhao, WeixinPerson Why?
Stratta, RobertPerson Why?
Williams, DavidPerson Why?
Smith, ThomasPerson Why?
* A Paradigm for the Evaluation of Tissue-Engineering Biomaterials and Templates.Academic Article Why?
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