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A Case for the Frontal Pole as an Empirically Derived Neuromodulation Treatment Target.Academic Article Why?
A Pilot, Placebo-controlled Trial of Closed-Loop, Artificial Intelligence Driven, Acoustic Neuromodulation for InsomniaAcademic Article Why?
Computational Underpinnings of Neuromodulation in Humans.Academic Article Why?
Role of functional imaging in the development and refinement of invasive neuromodulation for psychiatric disorders.Academic Article Why?
Sacral neuromodulation is an effective treatment for interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome: con.Academic Article Why?
Percutaneous Neuromodulation of the Brachial Plexus and Sciatic Nerve for the Treatment of Acute Pain Following Surgery: Secondary Outcomes From a Multicenter, Randomized, Controlled Pilot Study.Academic Article Why?
Evolving Applications, Technological Challenges and Future Opportunities in Neuromodulation: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Deep Brain Stimulation Think Tank.Academic Article Why?
Exploratory Use of Artificial Intelligence Driven Acoustic Neuromodulation Improved Sleep, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Adults with Persisting Post-Concussion SymptomsAcademic Article Why?
Highlights from the combined Society of Urodynamics and Female Urology, and International Society of Pelvic Neuromodulation annual meeting.Academic Article Why?
Transcranial magnetic stimulation, deep brain stimulation, and other forms of neuromodulation for substance use disorders: Review of modalities and implications for treatment.Academic Article Why?
Development of an Optical Silencer Based Genetic Therapy for Neuropathic PainGrant Why?
Future directions for intrathecal pain management: a review and update from the interdisciplinary polyanalgesic consensus conference 2007.Academic Article Why?
Intrathecal Clonidine via Lumbar Puncture Decreases Blood Pressure in Patients With Poorly Controlled Hypertension.Academic Article Why?
Management of intrathecal catheter-tip inflammatory masses: an updated 2007 consensus statement from an expert panel.Academic Article Why?
Polyanalgesic consensus conference 2007: recommendations for the management of pain by intrathecal (intraspinal) drug delivery: report of an interdisciplinary expert panel.Academic Article Why?
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