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Production and implantation of renal extracellular matrix scaffolds from porcine kidneys as a platform for renal bioengineering investigations.Academic Article Why?
Scaffold technologies for controlling cell behavior in tissue engineering.Academic Article Why?
* A Paradigm for the Evaluation of Tissue-Engineering Biomaterials and Templates.Academic Article Why?
3D printed polyurethane prosthesis for partial tracheal reconstruction: a pilot animal study.Academic Article Why?
A 3D bioprinting system to produce human-scale tissue constructs with structural integrity.Academic Article Why?
A fiber-optic-based imaging system for nondestructive assessment of cell-seeded tissue-engineered scaffolds.Academic Article Why?
A novel process for optimizing musculoskeletal allograft tissue to improve safety, ultrastructural properties, and cell infiltration.Academic Article Why?
Acellular Urethra Bioscaffold: Decellularization of Whole Urethras for Tissue Engineering Applications.Academic Article Why?
An acellular, allograft-derived meniscus scaffold in an ovine model.Academic Article Why?
Bilayered scaffold for engineering cellularized blood vessels.Academic Article Why?
Bioengineering of physiologically functional intrinsically innervated human internal anal sphincter constructs.Academic Article Why?
Bioprinting Cellularized Constructs Using a Tissue-specific Hydrogel Bioink.Academic Article Why?
Co-electrospun dual scaffolding system with potential for muscle-tendon junction tissue engineering.Academic Article Why?
Comparative analysis of two porcine kidney decellularization methods for maintenance of functional vascular architectures.Academic Article Why?
Comparative study of different seeding methods based on a multilayer SIS scaffold: Which is the optimal procedure for urethral tissue engineering?Academic Article Why?
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