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Reproducibility of pain measurement and pain perception.Academic Article Why?
Delineating the Brain Mechanisms Supporting Modulation of Pain by MeditationGrant Why?
Chronic pain management: evaluation of chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
Chronic pain management: nonpharmacological therapies for chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
Chronic pain management: pharmacotherapy for chronic pain.Academic Article Why?
Behavioral effects of deep brain stimulation in rats with chronic painGrant Why?
The contributions of sensory nerves to bone metastasis and associated bone painGrant Why?
Integrated Omics Analysis of Pain: Omics Data Generation CenterGrant Why?
Pharmacologic Plasticity in the Presence of PainGrant Why?
Role of glial derived prostaglandins in pain due to surgeryGrant Why?
Role of the Amygdala in Opioid Self-administration in Rats with Chronic Pain.Grant Why?
A Pain eHealth Platform for Engaging Obese, Older Adults with Chronic Low Back Pain in Nonpharmacological Pain Treatments: Protocol for a Pilot Feasibility Study.Academic Article Why?
Effects of stimulus duration on heat induced pain: the relationship between real-time and post-stimulus pain ratings.Academic Article Why?
Neurophysiology of Pain from the Uterine CervixGrant Why?
Intrathecal clonidine and adenosine: effects on pain and sensory processing in patients with chronic regional pain syndrome.Academic Article Why?
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