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More Pitfalls Related to Next-generation Sequencing (NGS).Academic Article Why?
Clinical utility of next-generation sequencing in precision oncology.Academic Article Why?
Current Challenges Associated With Next-Generation Sequencing of Breast Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Next-Generation Sequencing in Order to Better Characterize a BRCA Variant of Uncertain Significance.Academic Article Why?
Selection of a Novel Aptamer Against Vitronectin Using Capillary Electrophoresis and Next Generation Sequencing.Academic Article Why?
Next-Generation Sequencing of Tumors to Better Estimate the Clinical Significance of Non- BRCA Germline Deleterious Mutations.Academic Article Why?
Li-Fraumeni versus Pseudo-Li-Fraumeni Syndrome: Key Insights for Interpreting Next-Generation Sequencing Reports in Patients with Suspected Cancer Predisposition Syndromes.Academic Article Why?
Next-Generation Sequencing of a Cohort of Pulmonary Large Cell Carcinomas Reclassified by World Health Organization 2015 Criteria.Academic Article Why?
Understanding the Significance of Mutations in Tumor Suppressor Genes Identified Using Next-Generation Sequencing: A Case Report.Academic Article Why?
New HLA alleles discovered by next generation sequencing in routine histocompatibility lab work in a medium-volume laboratory.Academic Article Why?
miRNA Epigenetic Roles in Regulations of Cholesterol Metabolism and CVD RiskGrant Why?
Effects of Rare Variants and Ancestry on Beta Agonist Response in Asthma and COPDGrant Why?
Human Pesticide Exposure and Epigenetic Changes in Sperm DNAGrant Why?
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